To start off, we would love for you to take a moment and glance at a page off of Stacy Reeves site.  She could not explain the work of a photographer any better and we think she just puts it all out there in a great way.  See here and here*.

As for Fingerprint Studios our pricing is as follows:

Regular Sitting
A sitting fee for children, families and seniors will be $75 for a 2 hour session with 2-3 clothing changes and 1-2 locations.  Keep in mind that your clothing and location changes will affect the amount of time you have in front of the camera.  With your fee you will receive a digital negative CD*.  This CD can be explained above, but in general will contain images from your session that you may share digitally with family or friends.  The catch is that all the images will be constrained in size so that even though you can see them clearly on your computer, whatever size you enlarge them to, if you go to print them they will only be clear in a 4x6 format and will have our Fingerprint Studios logo on them.  Anything larger and the image will become pixelated.  This protects us and also allows you to share your images without costing us our business.  Please remember that we spend hours edited after the actual photo session, so please respect our time and effort.  

For newborns we would like to allow for a little more time, because as Moms, we understand that they sometimes have their own plans and that their routine doesn't always go with our plan of a perfectly peaceful portrait session.  Because of this we like to allow for a 3 hour session, preferably in the morning  when they are most sleepy after a night of fitful sleep.  Also, the best time for photographing a newborn is around 6-10 days.  After that, baby acne can sometimes set in and they become more awake, making it a little more difficult to pose the baby.

With our sitting, we will bring with us several props that would otherwise be used in a studio.  These are fun ways to expand upon what is already found in your home.  We will make sure to be in contact with you about how you are feeling and if our planned date is going to work with you.  We want happy moms too!  Our sitting fee in your home is $85.  You will receive a pocket sized brag book and your digital negative CD*. If you have a different location that you would like to capture these precious moments, please let us know and we will see what we can do! 

Bridal sitting fees will be a bit more because it is going to take more time maneuvering around to different locations.  We allow for more time to capture these images since we want to take the utmost care of your wedding gown and to make sure that we get you carefully from one place to another all intact.  This will also include two shooters for the purpose of helping to fix your dress, hold lighting and help to stage shots.  For a 3 hour session and 3-4 locations the sitting fee is $150.  Please consider the proximity of your multiple locations and the weather.  We would love to do a trash the dress portrait session, but let's try to wait until after the wedding to do that.  

Weddings are a fantastic deal when using Fingerprint Studios.  Why you ask?  Not only do you get one talented photographer, but you get two!  We believe at Fingerprint Studios that your big day is more than just capturing the highlights of the day.  We want to capture you and your groom, plus everything that makes your day special.  With two photographers you get twice the amount of pictures and you get multiple perspectives of your event.  Another great reason is because time is such an important part of your wedding and we want everyone to be able to have the time to get ready.  We don't want everyone to show up 4 hours in advance to take bridal party shots, so we will split up and one will take the groomsmen and the other the bridesmaids.  This is also helpful when many times after the wedding you may want family pictures.  Being able to have one photographer organize and prepare the next group to be photograph will keep the event running smoothly and not delaying you from making it to your reception.....where you want to be!!!

Several other items that are included in our wedding package is your bridal sitting and a $200 print credit. You will also receive a slideshow CD that will be your method of selecting pictures.  All of this for $2250.

Image Rights
As mentioned above your sitting fee only includes your digital negative CD*  and in some cases a small brag book.  If for some reason you are not interested in purchasing enlargements or prints through us, we do offer a fully edited CD, with copyright release for $150. (Price difference for Weddings)  This allows you to take your CD anywhere you choose to have your images reproduced.  In addition to our discs, we have several other products that we are able to provide as well as any size print, canvas or photo album.  Let us know and we can put a package together for you that will include photos for everyone in the family with a photo of yours!