What Inspires Us

Inspiration can come from many places, for example, magazines and movies provide poses, clothing, makeup and scenery that may give insight as to how to create a photographic piece of art.  Before you come to a session, discuss with us what you are wanting to capture.  We have our own style like any other photographer, but would like to always challenge ourselves to grow.  Below are some links to our favorite photographers.  We would love for you to take some time and look at some of the art they have created.  It can help prepare you for what you are wanting to achieve when you get in front of the camera.  It is always helpful when you go to get your hair cut to bring an example or mention a hairstyle you like on some one so that the hairstylist has an idea of what you are wanting, same with photography.  Share examples of what you've seen or would like to accomplish.  Research it.  This is an investment and we would like you to not only like what you see in your final product, we want you to LOVE it!

Seniors, Family and Children:

Drew B  (AND engagement and weddings, we LOVE Drew B!!!)

Jessica Johnston

For bridal and engagement portraiture:

Stacy Reeves

Millie Holloman

Laura Novack

Eden Photography

Heather Waraksa

Ideas and Inspiration: